From I'm just getting to the disturbing part

"Against Clarity", from Literary Hub

From Ultrasonic: Soundings

"Crown and Shoulder," from Passages North

"Seven Fathoms Down," from DIAGRAM

"Lag Time," from Brevity

"On Loitering," from The Rumpus

From one with the tiger

"Speaking of Ears and Savagery," published originally in Creative Nonfiction and re-published in the anthology, True Crime (InFact Books) and on (under a different title) and to be re-released in a new anthology on the human body from the Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University. 

"Fight, Bull" from Prairie Schooner, winner of the 2012 Glenna Luschei Prize 

"Manimals in Captivity," from The Nervous Breakdown

"The Ways in Which I'd Like to Get Attacked by a Bear", from Literary Hub

From Steven's work-in-progress, "The Parkfield Project":

"Living Through the Tremors," from

"Thoughts on the Apocalypse: Chasing Disaster" from the blog.

"Tracking Quakes," from The Rumpus

"Field Trip to the Earthquake Lab," from The Rumpus