It seems like this 10 book list challenge circles around every year and I feel newly competitive and subsequently humiliated. . . . Can we have a new challenge? 10 Crappy Books I Loved and Am Mildly Ashamed to Admit It? (because, obviously, if I was totally ashamed I wouldn't be posting this on a blog): 

1. The novelization of The Karate Kid. (Shut. Up. It was awesome. I stayed up all night reading it.) 

2. Every single sports biography or autobiography I've ever read (except maybe for Kareem Abdul Jabbar's Giant Steps, which was actually really really good, and I sort of hated Kareem because I hated the Lakers, but the dude is pretty badass. I mean, he trained with Bruce Lee.) . . . . anyway, there were soooo many others

3. Truly Tasteless Jokes (they really are truly tasteless)

4. 101 Uses for a Dead Cat (a book my dad had on his bookshelf)

5. The Playboy Book of Limericks (another book my dad had on his bookshelf)

6. All the books on my parents' bookshelf by Leon Uris (just because his named seemed kind of dirty. I mean, "Uris" just sounds scatalogical. . . I never actually read any of them)

7. Beautiful Joe: An Autobiography of a Dog (there were a LOT of dog books)

8. Metallica: This Monster Lives: The Inside Story of Some Kind of Monster (a documentary about making a documentary)

9. All that Hardy Boys shit (smugglers!)

10. the unabridged 14 hour audio book version of Mario Puzo's The Godfather, read by Paul Sorvino (road trip from Kansas to Phoenix, nothing else to do)