Heyo folks, 

Some new Ultrasonic waves out there. I'm trying to make use of this space and my FB author page for shameless book promotion. Feel free to ignore or indulge at your discretion. 

Here's an interview/conversation I did on Ultrasonic with the uber-awesome, Jill Talbot for Bookslut: (read it)

And here's a nice little blurb from The Review Review on the Winter 2014 issue of Passages North and my essay, "Crown and Shoulder," which PN kindly nominated for a 2014 Pushcart Prize: 

"As for straight nonfiction, the offerings are almost all strong, from the associative wonders of “Crown and Shoulder,” which charts Steven Church’s wandering path through highway accidents, knighting, crucifixion, grief, and Gilligan’s Island--and that only begins the list of topics touched upon."
(read the whole review here)

Finally, coming up on Thursday, Dec. 11 in Fresno at Peeve's Public House and Market in Downtown Fresno will be a Book Launch Party for Ultrasonic at 7 pm, featuring a reading, book sales, and performances by Fatty Cakes and the ska punk band, Iwanaga. (see the poster above). I hope to see lots of you there!