Hi folks,

Ultrasonic got a very nice review in the current Los Angeles Review of Books by William Bradley. Here's a short excerpt: 

"Church’s thorough exploration of the sounds in our world — echolocation, stethoscopes, music, the sound of a racquetball hitting a wall — are impressive in terms of his research as well as his linguistic dexterity. But what makes this book great is his ability to think about the way sound connects us to others — particularly those we love."


I also had the good fortune to "go off on tangents" with Joshua Teehee at the Fresno Bee about Ultrasonic and the upcoming Book Launch Party at Peeve's Public House on Dec. 11 at 7 p.m.. Here's a short excerpt: 

"Steven Church is the kind of guy you want at a dinner party or on a pub quiz team; an obsessive collector of information who is not afraid to let things go off on a tangent. In the hour spent talking with the author and Fresno State instructor about his new book, “Ultrasonic,” the conversation veers from Mike Tyson and Metallica to Parkfield, California, the earthquake capital of the world (population: 18), to racquetball."


p.s. I'm available for dinner parties and pub quizzes.